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// Diventure // Dahab Desert Diving
The small Bedouin city of Dahab, which means 'Gold’ in Arabic, lies 80 km north of its big busy sister Sharm El Sheikh on the Sinai Peninsula. Dahab is the place for chill out, the place for backpackers and individual travellers away from massive hotel compounds with non-stop animation. Here you can find peace in a nice, relaxing atmosphere with a touch of nature & originality, Bedouin life and their hospitality, which makes this place as well perfect for a family holiday and to experience a bit of the culture and people of the country.

Chillout atmosphere in Dahab

Apart from diving there is a lot to do and to see in and around Dahab, famous for the romantic surrounding of desert mountains dipped in red ink when the sun goes down Dahab offers a number of adventurous trips: to the Bedouin village Ras Abu Gallum on a big sandy bay hiking or on top of a camel, a romantic Bedouin dinner under the stars of the Sinai or quadbiking through the desert valleys, a trip to the lagoona in the south of Dahab which is with its shallow clear water perfect not only for swimming as well as for kite- and windsurfing as Dahab became over the last years the special spot of the surfing community in the Red Sea.

Quadbiking to a Bedouine-Camp in one of the beautiful desert-valleys & a visit to the originative 'Castle Zaman'

Not far away from Dahab you can hike the famous St. Katherine's Monastery on the more than 2000 meters high Mount Sinai where the prophet Moses received the 10 commandments, to watch the sunrise there and view this clerical and historical sight (1-day trip) or explore the famous coloured and white canyon a natural spectacle in which you hike trough canyons in the mountains of enormous beauty and inspiration (1/2 day or combined with Moses mountain). For sporty souls horseriding, yoga and sandboarding are on the list of the endless opportunities to have fun and enjoy the lovely nature of Dahab. More infos and prices on request.

The biggest attraction of this place in the desert is definitely the adventure of diving. Packing our diving gear on Jeeps or camels we visit all the diving spots that Dahab has to offer:

Entry to the 'Bells' & the amazing blue of the 'Arch' of the Blue Hole

The fascinating deep blue of one of the most famous dive sites in the whole world - the Blue Hole, the architectural attraction of a deep creek in the reef wall - the Canyon, the best housereef called the Lighthouse directly in the heart of Dahab where you can find absolutely everything, as well the best spot to explore the marine life in a night dive, the amazing labyrinth of pinnacles and corals of the Islands where you can navigate endlessly and can get lost easy as well in it if you don’t know the way, to only count for you the most famous spots of Dahab. But there is another large number like the Three Pools, Gabr el Bent, the Eel Garden and with a group of more experienced divers and in good weather conditions we take you to the hidden sites that dive centers there rarely offer: the Caves, Abu Helal and Abu Talha where you have the guaranty to be the only neoprene fish there and enjoy relaxed diving in the most peaceful surrounding that nature can offer you. One of the most beautiful and best preserved sites are Ras Abu Gallum and Ras Mamlah, remote divesites North of Dahab, untouched coral reefs close by a bedouine camp where the bedouines will welcome you in their well-known hospitality! Divecovery is diving these amazing spots as well within a camel diving safari or a minisafari!

Camels enjoying the peace of the desert and the sea

You have your own group of divers and don’t want to book a mass-trip, you want to have a peaceful well organized family diving holiday or you just simply want to book something different and more individual? Do not hesitate to email us on and let us know about your wishes or read more about it in --> Special Trips.


Here you find our package prices & details for your desert diving safari in Dahab.

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Dahab 1 or 2 Weeks Package:
Accomodation in Camp or Hotel, 5/10 days private guided diving, boat trip & camel diving safari
from 340,–/630,– EUR --> details

Dahab Mini-Safari Package:
1 Week Accomodation in Camp or Hotel and Boat, 2 days private guided offshore diving & 3 days Mini Liveaboard Safari
from 440,– EUR --> details

Dahab Course Combi Package:
1 Week Accomodation in Camp or Hotel, private PADI OWD, AOWD or Rescue Diver Course combined with guided offshore diving
from 330,– EUR --> details

Dahab Diving Prices:
Prices for Full day (2 dives), Half day (1 dive), Nightdive, Boat trip, Camel diving safari etc.
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